S Walker Transport ltd is ran from our site in Redditch Worcestershire. 

S Walker Transport was founded on the 1st May 1990, the company became LTD in 2001.founded by Steve Walker & Rosie Walker. They started off with there first truck, a scania 6x2 112-330. Walkers now operate a pure Scania Fleet with more that 35 vehicles on it. The Company started up with Tippers moving mainly corn then moved onto Bulk Blowers, using these to move animal feed and sugar beet nuts.

" we were one of the only hauliers in the area who could blow sugar beet nuts" Steve Walker.

The company then progressed from that point to Walking Floor Trailers.

" we moved out of corn around the time after farmers were asked to take a cut in the rate paid for delivered product, we knew what was coming so we  made a conscious decision to move into another market" Steve Walker.

The company then went onto buying their first walking floors by purchasing two second hand trailers.

Later on they went onto buying & Growing the fleet of walking floors and scania vehicles. 

forward thinking Steve Walker the conituned to build onto his company by starting up R&S Recycling in 2007 which is also Run from thier site in redditch. Then diversing into the pallet distribution & warehouseing market in 2014.


Our fleet run from Monday Morning - Saturday Morning, moving full loads all across the United Kingdom & Europe

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